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  • Atrial Fibrillation is an abnormal heartbeat caused by irregular and rapid beats in the heart’s upper chamber.

    Our latest blog post explores the symptoms and signs of Afib, as well as the safe heart rate zones during rest and moderate exercise for those with the condition.

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  • I am a 61 year old “golfer”, and workout enthusiast. It is my “off season” , and I intend to get after it, and want to use my FF monitor to it’s fullest. Especially since I have HCM as well as AFIB. Can anyone help me in setting my alerts, so as to get the best out of my workouts, while guarding against issues? Thanks.

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  • Has anyone found some kind of a wetting agent for the Frontier contact pads that lasts longer than saliva? If I can’t work hard enough to sweat the pads dry and I suspect getting pretty wooly reading. HR 1 bpm??? I’ve tried personal lubes (yes those), ultrasound gel. I haven’t tried oil based lubes yet.
    Will oil based mess up the contact pads?

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  • Can the Frontier X2 be used as a HR strap with other exercise apps (Xert, Wahoo, Zwift) WITHOUT first having to start an activity in the Fourth Frontier app?

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    • Hi, Yes this can be done as long as the exercise apps support BLE connectivity to third party devices. To start the activity, just double press the button on the Frontier X device.

  • Who else got the Fourth Frontier due to cardiac issues caused by a fast tracked pharmacological mass intervention?

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