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    Dack Johnson

    1 week, 5 days ago

    Just did my first workout with my Frontier x. Just starting back to working out after learnimg I had Atrial flutter. Have had a successful ablation. Will the Frontier X akert you to an abnormal rhythem should it occur? Dont necessarily know how to read an ECG readout.

    • I had AFib with atrial flutter as well and had an ablation. Don’t think this will alert you to any abnormal rythms. I can feel some extra beats when I work out and you don’t get any notification or analysis of the ECG. I’d like to know if the ECG has any real diagnostic value and if my cardiologist could use it.

    • some times it does, other times it misses it. As you get used to ECG’s you will learn to spot the “peaks” (QRS Complex) portion of the heart beat, and even when there is intereferance because you moved you can tell if the spacing is the same or you have “flutter/Afib” ie the spacing changes between one beat and another