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    7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone is here due to arrhythmias that may have potentially developed shortly after having one of the mRNA COVID19 vaccines? I had symptoms develop for the first time pretty soon after the vaccination and then worsen and change over time, and I wanted to compare notes with anyone who might also be working through these issues, given that these may be unique cases. Happy to take that discussion offline as appropriate. Thanks.

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    • I had an increase in ectopics and SVT after the pfizer vaccine

      • Interesting, but I assume you had some of these issues prior? I had AFIB for the first time ever shortly after being vaccinated, and it continued to get worse for months until I actually got COVID, then oddly, it started to improve quite a bit. All very strange stuff, and no doctor really seems to know what is going on!

        • I had ectopics before but never inappropriate tachycardia, now it varies, sometimes a 5 mile walk on flat terrain my heart rate will be between 120 and 150 bpm where as before never got above 105 bpm. Now i am getting 10 second bursts of ventricular tachycardia but my cardiologist is not too concerned as my echocardiogram shows a structurally sound heart. He did say he has seen an increase in normally healthy people having arrhythmia issues after the vaccine. Just hopeing it dosent get any worse.

          • This is the same exact thing that happens to me as well. Unfortunately now i get these very scary beats where my heart almost feels like it’s slowing down like bradycardia but briefly and violently. With a burst of tech right after!

    • Greetings, yes. I had PVCs develop for first time (that i know of) 60 days after 2nd mRNA vaccine (Pfizer). So far benign. To my knowledge never had unusual ECG before. PVC burden when tested of about 7-8%. So i’m tracking this of course in hopes they will subside. Been about 6 months now. Hesitant to get booster for this reason. (Also use Kardia 6L device w/smartphone for 30s ECG readings that can detect PVCs as way to log.) Will use this FrontierX device to detect/estimate burden during cardio exercise. Thank you for sharing your experiences of heart rhythm issues post vaccine. And yes glad to take this offline if only a few folks are interested in that topic. Best, Andy442

      • Yes I appear to be in that category but I sense that it was just one additional stress factor on my body, not the only one.

      • Yes, I’m holding out on a booster as well until they offer a non-mRNA version, I gather Novavax may be available at some time soon.

    • yes. Got the booster yesterday and my arrythmias clearly increased in frequency and duration. Taking Tambocor to hopefully calm it down.

    • Whether or not it’s a coincidence I don’t know but I’ve experienced a similar event. The incident was 4 weeks after I received a Pfizer booster shot, my first two injections were AZ.

    • Yes. Did not have any heart issues that I know of before the vaccine. Got 2nd shot (Moderna) in May. Now get ectopic beats that I can feel multiple times per day. Had EKG (normal), ECG (normal), 2 week holter monitor (various PACs and PVCs but all <1% of total). My doctor is the chief of cardiology at the hospital I went to. He was unconcerned with the results and didn’t see a need for a follow up. I really hope doctors and scientists take this side effect seriously soon and come up with a solution for us.

    • I had 2 doses of the Moderna vaccine and was totally fine. It was about 5 months later after a very stressful week that I started having crazy heart palpitations. Hundreds of them a day that were strong enough to make me feel like I had to cough. Cardiologist said they were PVC’s and nothing to be worried about. I asked about the vaccine and he didn’t think so since it was 5 months later but it seems too coincidental to me that I would just develop them out of the blue. They have since calmed down but it’s definitely something that has me concerned. If anyone’s doctor can offer any insight, I would love to hear it.

      • I’ve had afib for over ten years, but it has been apparent very infrequently (every few months). I didn’t even think about my vaccinations as the potential source of a recent increase in the occurrence of symptoms (several times a week). My Doctor didn’t seem too concerned, but ordered a 2 week Zio patch that I just took off yesterday.

    • I have had shortness of breath, inappropriate sinus tach, bouts of AFib, and runs of atrial flutter ever since I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in May 2021. I’m 38 and a runner that can now barely exercise because my heart rate goes past 180bpm and I feel like I’m going to faint. I am going to the Cleveland Clinic next month to get a proper workup since the cardiologists in the area I live in are not experienced enough to deal with anything besides super basic issues. I will post any new information I get. Also my uncle went into persistent AFib three days after receiving his Pfizer booster, so I have no doubt there is a connection and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a genetic component in regards to who is likely to experience adverse cardiac events.

      • Much appreciate everyone’s comments here, sounds like there are a large number of us who may have been potentially affected. I still haven’t seen anything in the literature that hard links the vaccines to arrhythmias, only to pericarditis and myocarditis. I realize that I hadn’t detailed my own story in my original comment. I was 43 when I got my two COVID shots in April/May 2020, both Pfizer mRNA. I’m certainly no pro athlete, but a long-time swimmer and runner, and in pretty good shape, exercising nearly every day and pretty careful about diet and nutrition with a 110/70 BP and no prior heart issues of any kind. I think I awoke with AFIB for the first time a few days after the first shot, but honestly didn’t know what it was at the time. In the next months these incidents worsened to the point where I was getting AFIB a few times a month, diagnosed originally on my Apple Watch, which to be fair has been very accurate and helpful. After finding a cardiologist, he gave me a halter, which confirmed the diagnosis as one long episode happened while I was wearing it. The cardio of course gives no comments on causality, nor was there to be honest any real interest in the sudden cause or how this might be similar or different from “normal” AFIB. I was interested in anti-inflammatory treatments, but could not get medical traction in pursuing that course. I was offered the standard playbook of how to deal with AFIB if it worsened; drugs + ablations (both of which I’ve avoided to date). I got the FF device in August to better track my exercise and my AFIB bouts. I then got COVID in late August, and had a 13hr AFIB episode, the longest to date. Then weirdly post-COVID it all stopped for about 6 weeks, almost as if having or recovering from COVID had some calming effect on it. It came back in Oct/Nov usually 1-2 times a month for 4-10hrs typically always reverting on its own. I used the FF to record these episodes and to send to my cardio, who has said the exports were very helpful. My episodes seem parasympathetic in nature, arising usually during sleep (I’ve woken up at 3am with AFIB multiple times) or from or shortly after eating/swallowing; sleeping in certain positions also seems to stimulate it a bit. Sleep destruction/decay has been one of my worst issues, as it has all the normal knock-on effects the next day. I’ve only ever had one event come from exercise directly, thankfully, so exercise does not seem to set it off for me, although I did develop a few routines to avoid eating after exercise to allow my heart to fully go back to normal before engaging in any of these potential triggers. While there has been really no medical advice given to me on how to deal with vaccine related AFIB, I did have a heart MRI as part of an annual full body scan, and they diagnosed mild pericardial thickening (sub 5mm), which may or may not be related to all of this; or a potential post-vaccine inflammation experience. Since Dec I’ve had no further incidents, and things seem much calmer. I would comment that when things have flared up the most, I’ve had a dull aching in the sternum and off to the side, that I felt was very corelated with episodes, but which my cardio tended to discount as my imagination. So I don’t know if I am “over” any of this yet, I’ve had multi-week AFIB free periods before, and I’m in wait and see mode. I will avoid further mRNA COVID boosters however as again while no doctor will comment on this, it just seems silly to further tempt fate, and I look forward to reading more of the medical literature on these potential linkages. My assumption is that they will be slow to come as AFIB is so much less acute than pericarditis and myocarditis, and so much easier to ignore or conflate with other issues. The UK NHS would not even believe I had AFIB when I first mentioned it, saying I was too healthy and young! Time will I guess tell, and I wish everyone here good luck! It’s awful to have had potential side effects from trying to avoid the effects of COVID itself!

    • Hi there, I’m struggling since last June with vaccine induced arrhythmia, in fact it’s why I bought the Frontier

    • I’ve had PVCs, ectoptics, and atrial tachy for years. Had a prior ablation to reduce the burden. There aren’t many things that can help, but there are some supplements that have been life changing for me. I wont talk dosage as everyone is different, and you should always speak to a doc, but these are the three that keep me sane:

      – Magnesium Taurate (Double Wood)
      – L-Cartinine (Thorne)
      – Hawthorn Supreme (Gaia)

      Also never hurts to have a good source of Omega-3.

      • Can I ask why magnesium taurate specifically? I take magnesium biglycinate, originally for migraine before I was diagnosed withI a congenital heart defect. I have been told that the magnesium does help my heart but was not given a specific type. I’m 58, CAC of 0, due my second echo next week. I don’t seem to have had any particular side effects from the vaccines though.

    • Hi, interesting reading – at 57yrs got my first OxfordAZ jab early March 2021. Three weeks later, out of the blue, suffered an AFib episode on the return mile of a light run with the dog. Stopped me in my tracks. Managed to get home and to the surgery where they actually recorded the trace. While sat discussing the incident with the Doctor it stopped! Straight back on the ECG – normal trace. Never happened before not happened since. However, against my better judgement and encouraged by the Doctor I had the second AZ jab in June 2021. Since then I’ve become aware of palpitations, missed beats and elevated BP. Currently waiting bloods results and follow up BP. Getting a follow up appointment is another question!! Getting a holter monitor is impossible. So I’m trying the Frontier. Training is continuing (indoor rowing preferred in cold weather), Hr of 145 to 160 max doesn’t appear to be a problem, but we’ll see what the Frontier reveals. Bye for now.

    • My heart trouble started after the booster vaccine 11/22/21. Fatigue and elevated heart rate that continues today 2/3/22.

    • I have had afib but sorted by electro cardio version 4 years ago. Last November had booster and afib returned with fatigue. Doctor accepts afib and waiting on further electro cardio version but he does not accept it is anything to do with booster 🙁