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    1 month ago

    Hi Shocktempo.
    In my case I had slight atrial fibrillation a few years ago. Had Pfizer in June. By Oct 3rd I was hospitalized with advanced heart failure with uncontrolled Afib and ventricular enlargement with 20 percent ejection fraction and a temporary stroke from a blood clot. . I am 59 years old. Doctors don’t know the cause. I asked about the vaccine but there response is I did not have pericarditis so they said it was not the vaccine. I was in relatively good shape before this event. I have purchased this device to start my rehab and to show the Afib charts.
    I really don’t know what to think about weather the vaccine had anything to do with it however it is possible in my mind that it had expedited my heart failure in a short period of time.
    I would be interested to hear if anyone has a similar story or thought on the matter. I am now worried about getting the booster shot.

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    • Had issues with SVT before the vaccine but only after having covid, although scary my heart was always in sinus rhythm. Things were settling down so had the Pfizer jab and about 2 months later collapsed in the street with fast AF resulting in a cardio version. Struggled then with numerous ectopics. Started to feel a little better and had the second jab again after 2 months my heart is really playing up with really bad AF, tachycardia and numerous ectopics ( 5-6 per minute which can last for hours). This is the reason I bought this because in the UK the docs wouldn’t believe me as my heart can be all over the place.

      I’m an engineer so don’t believe in coincidence as had no AF before the jabs and said it was down to them, friends thought I was mad as they were ok but I have only had this since the jabs. In all honesty I wish I never had the jabs and certainly wont be getting the booster.

    • Yes. No heart issue prior to vaccine. A few weeks after first Moderna vaccine I had a 100% RCA blockage caused by a clot. Clot led to a STEMI. All other coronary arteries were completely clear of any plaque etc. ambulance too 5 hours so the STEMI caused quite a bit of cardiac damage that I’m now learning to live with.

    • I was diagnosed with AFIB a number of years ago. I would end up with a very fast heart beat around 170bpm. I never converted out on my own – always a cardio version. As such I have had two ablations, the original one in July 2018 and the last one (more of a touch up) in August 2021. I had COVID in April 2020 and had both Pfizer shots and booster and saw no effects on my AFIB. My COVID was pretty bad and I was in touch with my Cardiologist, who was seeing a fair amount of heart issues develop from COVID but I was fortunate to not have any issues with being sick or from the vaccines.

    • 46 male, athletic. For me, I had normal LP-a. 2 weeks after my second Moderna shot, I noted a greatly elevated LP-a. I took it several times after that, and it slowly declined back to normal after a few months. Sometime after that. I started to have some chest pains. The cardiologist, did a CAC, which was clean. I bought this device as he sort of blew me off a bit. So I will be using this while I exercise to make sure everything is okay.. just showed up today, super excited.. thanks!

    • Not ruling out the vaccine as a cause, but I’d also be looking as what else I might have changed? New meds/supplements/coffee brand and intake/etc. There’s no experimental control.

    • Hi, Patrik from Sweden here. I am also 59 years okd. I dont have your story but got Pericardit after the vaccin, in July. Just getting back in the saddle w training.

      • Hi have a past history of atrial fibrillation (54 yrs of age). My first dose was Astra Zeneca and second dose Moderna. In both cases didn’t have any issues with arrhytmias or atrial fibrillation. Will receive my booster shot next week (will most likely be Moderna or Pfizer). If I have any issues, will update.

    • Thanks for sharing your story. I had similar problems after the second Pfiser vaccine. I also started having arrythmias and I also had gastrointestinal inflammation which caused me to go into a SIBO flare which I never knew I had SIBO. I also purchased this device so that I could monitor the PAC’s that I have. I have had an echo and a cardiac stress test. During both test I did have episodes of arrhythmia as well.