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    2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Dear Frontier X User Community,

    After considerable deliberation and expert advice, we have decided to suppress the display of the value of QTc going forward for all our Users.

    The QTc feature had been released in light of widespread Emergency use Authorisation for Hydroxychloroquine for prophylaxis against COVID-19 (a drug that prolongs QTc), in order to help Users and healthcare workers using the Frontier X.

    However, QTc derived from a single lead ECG is susceptible to variation due to changes in T wave morphology and may not be indicative of absolute values as measured by a 12 lead ECG. While we were displaying QTc readings from the Frontier X, we had made it clear that the readings of QTc were not sufficient to make any clinical assessment, and were not intended to be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes.

    However, we still found that many of our Users got unduly worried by looking at variations in their QTc values. Since our aim is to provide our Users with peace of mind, and not cause any undue stress, we have decided to suppress the value of QTc going forward from our web and mobile applications, so that we do not cause undue concern amongst our users.

    In case you are a healthcare practitioner or an individual that benefits from looking at continuous QTc monitoring as displayed by the Frontier X, please get in touch with us at support@fourthfrontier.com.

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    • Thank you for the clarification. I was one of those folks. I wouldnt say I was overly worried but I focused on it enough to share with my primary care doc. We took the approach you outlined above and everything is good. We simply added it as another tool and source of data which is why I bought it in the first place. Well done!

    • Agree a good move but shame to lose a metric. I note HRV has also been modified? Would say the device for all it’s sold as requires additional data even if bespoke to FF, like Peloton strive score. Else loses competitive edge in my opinion.

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