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  • Any idea what this rhythm disturbance is please? G

  • Watching for aFib in my case. So far under 5% but interested in the trend line.

  • I’ve been getting progressively more ectopic beats during each bike ride.
    Cardiologist doesn’t seem to be worried but it’s not an enjoyable experience. Had cardiac ablation 6 years ago for afib and tachycardia, which was successful. Taking BP meds and anti arrhythmia med.

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    • I had similar experience (Ectopic heartbeat). In my case I lowered the intensity of my exercises and paid extra attention to potassium level. For me it worked. I Hope you I’ll find a way to improve your condition. Take care!

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  • Is anyone else getting occasional weird looking rhythms in sleep that do not occur during exercise? As in, for one beat you end up with an extra big up/down in the middle without the usual beginning and end markers followed by reversion to normal rhythm? I’m wondering if I’m seeing an actual issue here or artifacts of the device, esp. as I’m…Read More

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