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  • Anyone can explain clearly what does it mean the Body Shock. Many thanks.

  • Help for cardiac strain reading clear black box with clear black circle 8 readings on run today average cardiac strain 5?

  • anyone knows what this means on my HR graph

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  • I find more and more that my data quality durning interval training to be poor during my downswings. While I have taken some of the suggestions to correct this, is it more a case that the strap can’t take the shift in tempos well?

    • From an analysis of your data, it seems like you are wearing the device with the red button facing up. Could you wear it with the red button facing down ? The orientation of the device affects the shape of your ECG, which may affect the readings. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Sure thing. I’ll do a Casual romp on the treadmill today to check it out.

  • Hi everyone! I just recieved my Frontier X. Ive been having issues with what I believe are PAC’s. I Purchased this monitor in hopes to captures them to show my Dr. Today during my weight workout, I captured what seems to be two of them. The first one i felt, and it feels like a jolt in your chest, almost like a skipped beat. It’s uncomfortable for…Read More

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