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  • At the Frontier Heart Program, we’ve noticed that in some of our users, increased alcohol intake the night before leads to more rhythm changes in their Frontier X recording on the following day.

    A recent study has shown that in individuals predisposed to rhythm changes in the heart, a single drink could increase the likelihood of abnormal h…Read More

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    • I am a new user (just purchased but not yet delivered) and have also noticed that my night time resting HR and HRV are affected by alcohol consumption as measured by my Oura ring. This happens with just one drink! Of course, I’m an old man lol at 70 yrs so that’s probably a contributing factor. I realize this is anecdotal but it is repeatable.

      • Hi El Rayo,
        The Frontier X will allow you to keep track of ECG changes beyond the changes in resting HR and HRV, by providing continuous ECG. This should allow you to get a better of the idea of further changes in your heart after alcohol intake! Would you be interested in participating in an internal study we are planning, which will look at the…Read More

    • I also wear a WHOOP strap, and in general any time I have alcohol my recovery numbers for the next day are very bad. I think most of the times my Frontier Coach has identified heart palpitations during workouts have been days where I had a drink the night before. I have a coaching session tomorrow with several good workouts this week and no drinks…Read More

    • I certainly notice a difference even after just one drink anymore than that and and there are massive changes. Interestingly it also has a massive impact on the Garmin Body Battery scale. I no longer train if I have had anymore than one drink.

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  • On a 12 lead ECG, which of those leads does the Frontier shared ECG output “behave like”?

  • Just received my Frontier X but I’m trying to sort out the thresholds. I get it’s based on each individual but how do I go about finding my levels?

  • Does anybody know which activity is best to use for a Crossfit workout? I’ve been using Other, is that OK?

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    Meditation this AM, little walk in the fresh air with the wife and dog; great start to the day

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  • Is body shock as given by the device a combination of impact forces from the feet hitting the ground and physiological forces within the body such as vascular and muscular problems?

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    • Body Shock is measured by the accelerometers/IMU on the device and is related to a concept called Peak Loadring rate in Sports science. It has to do with the impact forces of the feet hitting the ground!

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