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  • The cardiac strain indicates blood supply to the heart. Does this correlate with possible blood pooling.

  • I just ordered the FrontierX This is the way of the future. In 10 years you will be able to monitor your heart 24/7 (and other vitals) with a simple(r) attachment. We are really just in the beginning of health self-monitoring. I think it is phenomenal!

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  • Hi! I’m interested in the effect of body shock on Atrial fibrillation in runners. I have read several reports on exercise induced Afib by endurance athletes, there is an indication that running has a greater impact. I noticed that my HR was affected more running on hard surfaces. On getting fourth frontierx I tested this and there was a definite…Read More

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  • I had exercise induced aflutter about 4 years ago with rate sitting at 140 long after the workout ended. It progressed to chronic. Tried all the meds which made exercise difficult. Had it ablated. All was good until this past year when I noted the rate going over 200 with similar feelings to the aflutter before. If I back off it normalizes…Read More

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  • Hi there, i have had mu frontier x for some months now. My doc said i have a congenital cardiac condition (heart artery grew incorrctly placed when my heart developed in the womb). Their suggestion was to do only moderate exercise. However i have been a competative endurance runner for over 40 yrs with no knowledge of any heart issue. I have set a…Read More

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